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Beyond Blissed

In my 16 years of experience as a Massage Therapist, I've found that all of our stress and unhappiness is self-created and comes from having an untrained and unhealthy mindset; which does not need to be that way. I work with children ages 5-17 and adults 18-60 to overcome emotional or physical challenges who are inspired of seeking peace and happiness in their personal and professional lives through the art of massage therapy.

Find Your Bliss

A holistic way to improving your health.

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Massage Add-Ons

Hot Stone $10

Aromatherapy $10

CBD $25

YogaNidra Meditation $20

All massage sessions are conducted by a trained and professional massage therapist. Each session is provided a safe space; judgment-free free zone where you can relax and recharge

Client Feedback

Crystal provides a very inviting and serene place to unwind and relax. She has excellent range from relaxing massages onto deep tissue techniques. I always look forward to my next appointment with her.

Erica Cuevas

Crystal is amazing! I have lots of message therapist and I could never find someone like crystal! She’s super concerned and caring and made me feel so heard, the best hands down place i been to in San Antonio! I will be coming back!

Sari Bergmanis

Crystal is one of the best message therapists I have seen and I have seen a lot of them. She has an amazing ability to find the source of your pain. She has helped cure may of my migraines and helps them form reoccurring. The energy she brings to her sessions is un matched. You will leave a session with her feeling better physically and mentality better.

Please Donate to help save our family home

I am reaching out to ask for your help in saving our home.


Due to unforeseen circumstances, my children, pets, and I are in danger of losing our home.

This is a place that holds so many memories for us and is a source of stability and security for our family.


We are humbly asking for your help in raising the funds necessary for a lawyer retainer fee as well as paying off  

(2) payday loans that was needed for my son's surgery.

I created this fundraiser in desired need so my family and I may hopefully be able to keep a roof over our heads.


Any amount that you can contribute will be greatly appreciated and will go a long way towards helping us achieve our goal.

We understand that these are tough times for everyone, and we are grateful for any support you can offer.


Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Please watch the video provided and click View More to donate.

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